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Come Laugh the Night Away at Dear Ruth at CenterPoint Theatre in Centerville, Utah

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers

Review By Megan Holley, Front Row Reviewers

Dear Ruth, a wonderful family friendly production, opens at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville, Utah. CPT is a gem to the community as they always have quality theater that is perfect for a night away with friends and family. Dear Ruth  is a comedy filled with mixed identities, quirky lines, and soldiers returning to the States before getting new sets of orders. This production is a more intimate and up-close theater experience since it is in the Leishman Performance Hall, so patrons are able to feel more connected to the show and its players. Wendy Oltmanns brilliantly directs this impeccable cast and this is one show you will not want to miss. 

Ruth (Robyn Medeiros) and Lt. William Seawright (Dylan Marriott) work as a fantastic team as they portray the love and slightly awkward tension that makes their relationship comical yet so realistic. Medeiros’ facial expressions bring to life Ruth’s dilemma that she confronts  throughout the entirety of the show–to choose what she thought she wanted to what she realizes she really wants. Her body language tells the audience the arc of her feelings toward Lt. Seawright. In turn, Marriott as Lt. Seawright is the classic charismatic protagonist who tries his darndest to show his love for Ruth. His depictions of a chap in love comes across as authentic and genuine. 

Rebeca Placido (Miriam) has so much spunk and is filled with the determination to help make changes for the better for everyone. All her lines and mannerisms have so much life and character to them that I was drawn to her character when she shines onstage. 

Judge Harry (Ed Farnsworth) and Edith (Natalee Stuart) are the classic parents–witty and nosy–which only adds to the comedy. While everything from the plot is unraveling, Judge Harry says, “Smile everybody, we’re about to be amused”, and that quote sums up the entire show. Farnsworth and Stuart bring so much life to the stage, and they are the guides to every character during this comedic drama all while adding their own charm and authenticity to Dear Ruth.

Albert (Jordan Palmer) is a headstrong character who, just like the rest of the cast, is phenomenal in his performance. He comes in guns a-blazing to Judge Harry and Edith after being left by Ruth and Lt. Seawright at the subway station. He throws himself into the role that I felt as though I was witnessing everything fall apart in real time. 

Oltmanns’ casting choices are perfection, every character is brilliant and believable, everyone has purpose in their movements and lines. She got the best out of this talented cast. Sound Designer Derek Walden creates such a feeling of being in the present when a car is driving by a character’s house, I could  hear it faintly as though it was happening right outside my own door. Lighting designer Nathan Hadley’s expertise is seen during the changes from night to day, as well as many other lighting choices one rarely recognizes. Costumer Sydnie Howard’s beautiful costumes look as though they came right out of the 30’s and add a whole new level of believability that perfectly ties everything together. In this more intimate space, making a set look roomy takes talent and set designer Brian Hahn brings this to Dear Ruth brilliantly. As soon as you walk in, you might feel as though you just walked into your grandparents’ house. I loved the classic, old timey, nostalgic flavor. 

I am a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time for myself. I often will attend CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s musicals more than once as they are double cast. But rarely will I go see the same show with the same cast. However, I will be seeing Dear Ruth again before the run is over. This is the perfect comedy that will keep you entertained and laughing all show long. Get ready to laugh and have all the feelz at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s Dear Ruth.

Centerpoint Legacy Theatre presents Dear Ruth, by Norman Krasna.
Centerpoint Legacy Theatre, 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT 84014
July 29-August 19, 2023, 7:00 PM
Tickets:  $18 – $30
Contact: 801-298-1302
Centerpoint Legacy Theatre Facebook Page
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Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers


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