Front Row Reviewers


Here’s what the Utah Theater community has to say about Front Row Reviewers!

Front Row Reviewers has found the excellent balance of honesty without undue harshness. Their thoughtful reviewers offer insightful, engaged critique that is helpful in building audiences and honing craft.
Camille Washington, Co-Director, Good Company Theatre, Ogden, Utah
We love having Front Row Reviewers at our shows. Their reviewers are professional and fun. They always work to share what amazing things happen on our stage and other stages across the state. As a community theatre, we love celebrating the good in the arts with FRRU. It’s awesome to feel like we have an advocate that wants to see the arts flourish in our state.
Brandon Stauffer, Executive Director, On Pitch Performing Arts, Layton, Utah
Because I participate in community theatre, I am extremely grateful for the way Front Row Reviewers focuses on the positive and encourages each production to do their best by pointing out places of improvement in a kind way. I love to read their reviews–hey are very entertaining and informative. I am also very appreciative of their efforts and feel that they are a valuable supporter of the arts in the State of Utah.
Amy Gapinksi, Marketing Director, CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, Centerville, Utah
Front Row Reviewers is dedicated to promoting the arts, and we are appreciative of those like this good organization who do their part in spreading the good news of life-enriching theatre through praise and fair critique.
April Berlin, Operations Manager/Marketing & Development, SCERA Center for the Arts, Orem, Utah

Front Row Reviewers has been very helpful for Ballet West. Critiques are positive, insightful, and fair and are posted quickly to their website and social media platforms. The reviews have been very supportive and effectual  to our marketing efforts.
Joshua Jones, Associate Director of Press, Ballet West, Salt Lake City, Utah

Front Row Reviewers is an excellent organization and resource for anyone who appreciates live theatre in Utah. I greatly appreciate them reaching out to our organization in Southern Utah and making an effort to have someone come see and review our productions. Thank you for what you do!
Melanie Baxendale, Director