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May 12, 2024 | Reviews

Draper Historic Theatre’s “Legally Blonde” is One We’re “Positive” You Have to See

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers

Review by Jane Smith with Eliza Een, Front Row Reviewers

Omigod Omigod you guys! Legally Blonde, playing at the Draper Historic Theatre, really wins the prize. 

Enter into the world of Elle Woods (f: Ellie England, m: Makayla Connor) on her journey studying at Harvard Law. When her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (f: Tyler Rasmussen, m: Sam Stowell), dumps her on the night she thought he would propose, Elle decides to follow him to Harvard (what, like it’s hard?) to win him back. Along the way, she meets Paulette Bonafonte (f: Autumn Walton, m: River Robinson), the beautician who stops her from making terrible mistakes (and bad hair decisions) and reminds her to take a leap of faith and challenge herself. Elle also encounters Emmett Forrest (f: Bradley Barker, m: Travis Wright), who takes her under his wing to discover the “Chip on My Shoulder” she can use to be the best version of herself. While navigating the difficulties of law school, she lands a competitive internship run by Professor Callahan (f: Nathan Metcalf, m: Mike Kim), to defend famed fitness superstar Brooke Wyndham (f: Emma Johnson, m: Madison Portillo) who is on trial for the murder of her husband. Elle must choose between the life she once thought she wanted and this new one she created for herself, all while enduring the vicious scrutiny of Warner’s new girlfriend, Vivienne Kensington (f: AnnaBelle McKinnon, m: Lauren Smith), who wants nothing more than to see her fail. Elle takes us on a fast-paced journey of breaking the mold and learning to trust and be true to herself, all in different shades of pink. 

Whether you are a lover of the movie or just wanting to be tickled pink for the night, Draper Historic Theatre has truly outdone themselves. Director Mindy Eckroth has taken the musical based on the 2000s hit movie and put on a stage performance Reese Witherspoon herself would be proud of. The musically difficult pieces are sung with such ease and proficiency that it seems Music Director Laura Lewis had these lyrics woven into the mouths of the cast. The choreography of Chloe Coleman gives incredible visuals for the audience and keeps us on our toes wondering what they’ll do next. Especially in the scene with Johnson (f) and Portillo (m), who play Brooke Wyndham, and the fitness backup girls—they sing with such power and passion about being “Whipped into Shape,” all while using a skipping rope and not missing a beat. It’s something you’ll just have to experience with your own eyes and ears. Both England and Connor, who play our blonde heroine, take us on a musical journey through the highs and lows, navigating painful moments where Elle does not feel like she is enough. As an audience we laughed, danced, and even cried alongside her. England takes on the role with a determination that is inspiring and makes you really believe you can do anything once you put your mind to it. Connor’s portrayal is bold and highlights Elle as a leader through her scenes with the rest of the cast, while drawing you in during the more tender moments.

Some moments that really shine are “Ireland” by Walton (f) and Robinson (m) and the duet “Legally Blonde.” Walton brings such hilarity to the song while showing us a longing and hope for accomplishing a dream and finding love. Similarly, Robinson’s wide-eyed, far-off look communicates her yearning with a hefty side of comedy. Barker’s voice will make your soul soar as he captures what it feels like to be stuck between doing right by authority, or what feels right in your heart. Barker takes us on his own journey of breaking his walls down and letting someone into his life for more than just a career. And then he truly goes from being a butthead to our standout leading man. Wright’s Emmett is sweet and sincere, leaning into the teaching moments with Elle and creating a tenderness between the two.

The big ensemble for this show takes on a diverse number of background roles, which they do with ease and flair. The three lead Delta Nu sisters (Ashley North, Katie Davis, and Holly Snow) are crisp dancers and fun actors who set a high bar from the first bar of music in the opening number, “Omigod You Guys.” The perky, pink energy from the whole sorority is a huge part of what makes this musical so fun!

Also we can’t forget the true stars of the stage that really got everyone’s hearts bursting—Chip and Tator Tot, who starred as Bruiser Woods and Rufus. These adorable puppy sidekicks melted our hearts throughout the show and I think everyone wanted a meet and greet with these two well-behaved cuties after.

The show’s costumes, styled by Rachel Wright, are absolutely incredible and showcase our characters perfectly. From the pink and sparkle of our Elle to the straight-laced, professional look for Vivienne, everything is intentionally picked and fits just right. Special mention goes to the Sisters of Delta Nu, who understand the assignment and, oh heavens, they had our eyes locked on them from their pink proposal outfits to their white Greek muse moments. Brett Haymond and Kayla Rydalch do a beautiful job at mixing all the sound and lights together to keep the audience focused on the cast and what is important in the scene. Draper Historic Theatre’s Sound Technician Aaron Eatchel hits the right dynamics whether pumping up the volume or giving us sweet loving tones that shock and awe the audience.

Draper Historic Theatre’s heartwarming and inspiring Legally Blonde will leave you feeling “Positive,” have you dancing in your seats, and make you want to practice your very own “Bend and Snap.” Let the confetti fall! Court is in session, and beyond a reasonable doubt, you definitely want to go see this show.  

 A Review by Jane Smith, Front Row Reviewers
Draper Historic Theatre Presents Legally Blonde. Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, Book by Heather Hatch. Based on a novel by Amanda Brown and The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Motion Picture
Draper Historic Theatre, 12366 South 900 East, Draper Utah 84020
May 10–25, 2024, 7:00 PM. Matinees at 2:00 PM on selected days.
Contact: 801-572-4144
Tickets: $11–18
Draper Historic Theatre Website
Draper Historic Theatre Facebook Page
Legally Blonde Promo Video
Photo credit: Ashley Loewer, Sunshine Studios Photography
NOTE: This show is double cast. Magenta cast members are noted with an (m) and Fuchsia cast members are noted with an (f). The Draper Historic Theatre recommends the show for audiences ages 13 and up for mild language and sexual content.

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers


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