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Jan 10, 2024 | Reviews

Unveiling the Crazy World of Reborning with Jordan Briggs from JAM Collective

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers

Hey there, theater enthusiasts! We’ve got a treat for you – an exclusive interview with Jordan Briggs, the driving force behind the upcoming production of Reborning at the SLC Theatre Co-op. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the creative chaos of this unique and daring show.

Q: Jordan, can you give us the most creative summary of Reborning you can think of?

A: Trying to summarize this already crazy show is a challenge in itself! Picture this – Kelly, our protagonist, crafts lifelike baby dolls. But when a demanding customer pushes her creativity to the edge, things take a dark and twisted turn.

Q: If you had to use one word to describe the process of putting on this show, what would it be and why?

A: Insane! The journey has been absolutely insane – challenging, scary, and yet incredibly rewarding.

Q: What’s the most interesting, funny, or wonderful thing you’ve learned while working on Reborning?

A: Putting on your own show is a vulnerable experience. Overcoming imposter syndrome and giving ourselves permission to create has been a thrilling journey. Discovering our capabilities, both individually and as a team, has been eye-opening.

Q: What do you do right before each performance to get ready? And what about right after each performance?

A: Music is my go-to – a playlist for rehearsal and my personal tunes for the post-show return to reality. Physical and vocal warm-ups help ground me before the performance and reorient afterward.

Q: Can you share the mission of JAM Collective and how and when it came about?

A: JAM Collective aims to create compelling work in Utah and beyond. Reborning‘s script, shared by Liz Golden years ago, finally gave us the chance to form the collective. It was born out of the audacity to take on a show we’ve always wanted to do.

Q: What are the challenges and joys of running a theater/production company?

A: Money is a constant challenge – funding, finding venues, marketing, and building an audience. The joy lies in creating with talented, passionate individuals. It feels like playing make-believe with childhood friends, and the energy in the room is electrifying.

Q: What message are you hoping to convey to patrons about the arts?

A: We’re still solidifying our message, but with Reborning, we want to tackle taboo themes boldly and unapologetically. The goal is to move the audience, stir emotions, and, of course, put on some fantastic theater.

Q: Anything else you’d like to tell us about this project?

A: Reborning delves into heavy topics, and for those who like a heads-up, our intimacy director, Liz Whittaker, has put together a comprehensive Content Guide.

And there you have it, folks! A glimpse into the wild world of Reborning and the passionate minds at JAM Collective. If you’re ready for a thrilling ride, mark your calendars for Jan 12-13, 19-21, 2024 at the SLC Theatre Co-op. Let the craziness begin!

Note: When a customer becomes increasingly demanding over a commissioned work, Kelly, a sculptor of lifelike baby dolls, is forced to confront her traumatic past and her own fears of motherhood.
From baby dolls to realistic dildos, this dark comedy from Zayd Dohrn tackles themes of loss, addiction, motherhood, and generational trauma.
This play is intended for mature audiences.
Content warning: strong language, mild depictions of sex, and a detailed description of violence against a child.

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers


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