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Dec 11, 2023 | Reviews

Titus Productions’ And the Snow Came Down is a Mysterious, Humorous Twist on a Holiday Play

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers

Review by Anna Del C. Dye, Front Row Reviewers

And the Snow Came Down, the newest offering from Titus Productions Theatre Co., is an original one-act play written by Jake Andersen and is playing at The Sanctuary Theater in West Jordan. And it is nothing like any other Christmas show you’ve seen. It is part comedy, part thriller, and all entertaining.

And the Snow Came Down, set in London during World War II, tells the story of six women who gather to celebrate Christmas Eve together in the home of Lillian Thorne (Connie Beaty). Trying to find the good in the holiday, they decide to play a game to take their minds off of loved ones off at war. Little do they know, it’s a game that might lead them straight into the clutches of a Jack the Ripper copycat. Snow can be so lovely until it becomes the very thing keeping you inside the home while being terrorized by a game; or is it the Copycat Killer? Overcoming her anxieties may be the only way to survive this holiday, but Lillian must hurry before it’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”…for good. Snow-covered London becomes the backdrop for a tale of suspense and survival, as the women grapple with the dual threats of war and a mysterious killer.

The cast is: Rebecca (Rossy Thrall), Sarah Morrison (Jessica Price), Claudia Harris (Aimee McPhee), Dora Winchester (Tanya Walton), Mary (Christie Foster), Dr. William Robinson (Ryan Bullock), and Inspector Wells (Rob Roake).

Though the plot sounds almost definitely sinister, Anderson has added plenty of humor in And the Snow Came Down. Is this a thriller with comedy sneaking in? Or a comedy with some mystery creeping in? All cast members are wonderful in their roles, completely embracing not only who they are, but what they’re there for, within in the plot as well as providing entertainment for their audience.

The production team (Director, Set Design, Costume Design: Jake Andersen; Scenic Artists: Connie Beaty, Krystal Roake; Scenic Construction: Michael Thrall; Lighting and Sound Design: Jake Andersen, Connie Beaty) has created a lovely space with ambience and a feeling of warmth–meaning they set up the audience for what happens next.

In his Director’s notes, Anderson states: “I am such a big fan of Christmas. It’s my time of year. I love it! In 2001, a close friend remarked that I liked Christmas so much I wouldn’t ever be able to say anything negative about it. She said I was an eternal optimist. To prove her wrong, I wrote this play. Lillian Thorne invites friends to her home on Christmas Eve so that they may all celebrate the holiday together. During wartime it was an important practice so that the absence of family members wouldn’t feel so visceral. The feelings of being alone, anxious, overwhelmed, and claustrophobic are relatable feelings and fears amplified
even more during the holidays and trapped under a blanket of snow. Although the show was written 22 years ago, it was meant to be performed here in this space. Sound, light, and the feeling of claustrophobia are equally important characters in this story and Sanctuary’s stage makes it a perfect fit. While I myself love a happy holiday tale, maybe this one can be just as fun—in a different way.”

Because this is an original piece, and because it’s a mystery, I’m giving nothing away plot-wise. The show is rated a mild PG and appropriate for ages 10 and up. And it’s only an hour. And there’s hot chocolate! The current Christmas plays are pretty standard, so having a new, fun, interesting, slightly mysterious play that can get us in the Spirit–get it?–is a welcome gift this holiday.

Note: There are two casts that perform on alternate nights.

Titus Productions Theatre Co presents And the Snow Came Down, by Jake Andersen.
The Sanctuary Theater, 1721 W 7600 S, West Jordan, UT 84084
Fri, Dec 8, 7:00 PM – Tue, Dec 19, 9:00 PM MST dates and times vary
Tickets: $10.00
Contact: call Lorrinda at (801) 361-5661 or email Lorrinda.christensen@fron2177
Titus Productions Theatre Co Facebook Page
The Sanctuary Theater Facebook Page

Along with the show, audience members can enjoy exclusive access to Santa’s Workshop, featuring a Christmas Boutique where you can find fabulous gifts for your loved ones.

Front Row Reviewers

Front Row Reviewers


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